Uh, yeah, made in BI
(Used a stencil)
I learned a lot with stencils and thats pretty much it…
(Oh yeah, I don’t really know, does anyone find this quote in the picture offensive? It’s a strange question, but if it is, I need to take it down, so please say so if it offends you.)
Please comment and such.


I keep thinking to myself…
“Why would this be offense?”
It’s so strange…

Nice work.
The text should be done different though, to thin lines for, changing fonts and the color really make it hard to read.

About the offensive thing; everythig is offensive to someone, but you should not care about it very much. :wink:

Funny, I was under the impression that Anon was bald… :no:

I was only offended by the guy singing in the end, or rather, my ears were. ;D

And I’m not offended by Anonymus either, but it’s really weird they choose a catholic extremist as their symbol, hehe… :smiley:

They didnt choose, the artist from this thread simply combined the guy fawkes mask and che guevara stencil. :wink:

Thi is chee? I dont consider offensive since chee was a great character in the history of the world its a good mix for me, nice job jimmyon its nice to learn about stencils I need to learn more about it too.

Anonymous as a group has chosen (the-) Guy Fawkes (-mask) as a symbol. This was of coarse based on it’s use by the character V in ‘V for Vendetta’ movie, but in the original comicbook, Moore paints V as an anarchist madman, not a freedom fighter… But that’s also kinda weird as in reality, Guy Fawkes wasn’t an anarchist, he was a religious nut who tried to get the support from Spain to start a catholic revolution in England at the time - so not really what the hacker group of today stand for, hehe… So the guy Fawkes image/mask was used in an odd context and then reused in another odd context. Suddenly a religious extremist supposedly stands for freedom… That’s quite funny… ;D

Ché Guevara, no doubt he had good intentions, but today, he’s not the best symbol for freedom as the countrys he helped ‘free’ all became communist dictatorships, like Cuba, hehe… Freedom is though as one mans freedom is another mans dictatorship…

Hehehe, I think he is a good symbol as a fighter for what he believe, not exactly for freedom indeed, but his intentions where good I think, for me its a valid expression of it!

Oh yeah, but (not wanting to let this become a political discussion) they accord to the Guy Fawkes symbol as it was written/shown in v for vendetta. The thing is that v is of course a person with many many flaws, just like guy fawkes was, but he used the mask to symbolize something different than his personality. An idea.
The mask is not the “official” symbol for anonymous anyways, its that headless guy in a tuxedo.
Anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Enough off-topic

I guess you’re talking about Ché, but, as a Brazilian, you’re also catholic? Perhaps you support the idea of a catholic revolution in UK too… :smiley:

I don’t think what I wrote is about politics, it’s about symbols used in politics. I don’t take a side either way, but as a graphic, doing logos fom people/companys for years, it’s interesting to see what symbols rise up or are chosen to represent groups, idéas a.s.o…

About Guy Fawkes, I don’t know about his flaws, but there is no question about what he stood for, and it was not freedom in a general sense, hehe… Ché stood for freedom, no question about it, but his (and many others) actions led to some pretty gruesome things, though not intended. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, as they say. :wink:

And I personally don’t have a specific political view, I’m interested in subject-to-subject questions & solutions. And I like the idea of knowledge being free, but not all ‘information’. I also find it weird that the people screaming the loudest about wanting all information being free and open are the same people who scream loudest in regard to their personal integrity and how horrible it is if people read their mail a.s.o… Not very logical, hehe… But funny. :smiley:

I’m an idiot, sorry. It’s the followers/fans who use it - among other people. The official seal is the question-mark tuxedo thingie. Sorry about that. :o

nice picture there, like the work.

I dont consider offensive since chee was a great character in the history of the world
yeah, pretty much after all the people he killed!, but anyway history is always told by the wining side, isn’t it?

politics aside, you could not have picked a worse way to do the text, none of the fonts are interesting or good, and you used 5 of them.

Just in case anyone was wondering…I found the original stencil.
and @Kemmler, I wanted to do a thicker font but I couldn’t find anything on my HDD…:frowning:
I’m sticking with the color though, I like it.


guess you’re talking about Ché, but, as a Brazilian, you’re also catholic? Perhaps you support the idea of a catholic revolution in UK too… :smiley:

What a ridiculous comment, first off all if Im catholic or not its not of your busines, second I dont care what is happening or happened in your contry as I don care about what you think, nobody cares about mine contry. And last of all this is not the place to debate with your ideas about who I m and what I believe but to feedback jymmion on HIS thread, so keep things not related to yourself ok!

yeah, pretty much after all the people he killed!, but anyway history is always told by the wining side, isn’t it?

I dont think that it is, every contry have a version about what happened merged on its culture, I dont know if you is american or what, but if you where cuban you would never say sutch a thing.

People believe in different things and fight for them on their way, but the history is told trough points of view, I cant say that your point of view is wrong as you cant say that my point of view its wrong, because in war there is no factual accuracy neither in politics, people can be dumb enough to consider what they read on their stupid school books as true, but be carefull with that since each side have their own perspective, but che still a great fighter in any history, beeing him a good or a bad man for you.


I am so sorry, it was a joke based on you obviously NOT talking about Guy Fawkes. I apologize for offending you, it was not my intent. I thought that was pretty obvious that you of coarse wouldn’t see Guy Fawkes as a freedom fighter.

I am not from Britain, I’m Swedish. Guy Fawkes was an Englishman thus not part of my countrys history either. We Swedes have very little (if any) history in regard to important events related to religion, all our historical conflicts has been people, family’s & kings, fighting for power & money, mostly getting killed in weird ways in the process. But religion was never a big thing here and that also might be why us Swedes can be a bit insensitive, easily joking about it. But anyway, once again I apologize, I should not joke about faith, sorry. :o

Oh sorry ishcanbil I tought that this thread was from jymmion, really sorry about that I dont pay attention on sutch a big things somethimes, as I said, it looks good, congratulations.

And Farmfield, I dont care about your apologies, for tell you the truth Im not the type of guy who ll care about things like that, you can say wharever you want as long as you dont care about receive a feedback about it.