Another barrier has been broken...

(S68) #1

… the 10000 posts barrier!

:o :o Wow! :o :o


(sten) #2

:o :o :o

WOW cool man :smiley:

(Green) #3

okie. an even number…
I never understand the point of them. They just appear becouse we use a base 10 numbering system.

(S68) #4

OK! Let’s have a party for prime numbers then!

They are prime regardless of the base.

Next one is 10211 if I’m not wrong :wink:


(haunt_house) #5


The next one also could be 16384 or 11111


(Timothy) #6

yay things go fast :smiley:

(pannomatte) #7

Congrats. Your effort is truly appreciated. Keep up the great work.
Blender On.

(NateTG) #8

Excellent. Great to see the community is still strong.

hey, haunt_house, 16384 is not a prime number (it is divisible by 2).


(blengine) #9

soon the 10000 member count barrier will be broken! woo!

(Schlops) #10

NateTG: 16384 = 2^14, so that’s a barrier too :o

(DaniHell) #11

Wow!! And i contributed with abou 3 or 4!! Yeah!! Everyone has his role in the Society!! I hope to post more in the future. I’m a college student and i’m in the middle of exams :o . In about two months i’ll be on vacations 8) and i will be blendering the hell out of computer!! But i’ll keep in touch!! :wink:

(Pooba) #12