Another Bath Viz

Inspired of a random Pic on Pinterest
Some infos (thx sharlybg ;))

  • I used blender and for harden the contrast i used photoshop camera raw - thats all i used.
  • renderd withe-cycles
  • render time was around 1h in a 2k resolution (iam rendering with a 2080ti)
  • 2080ti and 1800X Ryzen (i would like to have a better cpu, for simulations i think its too slow for me :()
  • some words to my workflow (shortened):
    first i look for a reference - a pic i like, or an opject i would like to reproduce.
    then i start to make a block out from it an place the camera i like (maybe i change this later, but its good to have a view to let you know what you have to build and maybe what not (because its not in the view)
    then i start modeling (i am realy weak at this… this is my next project -> learning modelling…).
    often i place a model of a human in the room/scene for scale. there is often the problem that the scale is wrong, if i use a reference of a thing i know its easier to fit the scale of other objects (like doors or so)
    then i start to make the light. in this scene i placed two suns in the same direction. one with really sharp light (a little bit warmer -> blackbody 5500k maybe) and the other sun realy high angle (ca. 40-50degree) with cooler blackbody value -> ca 10k. the sharp light is my mainlight and the diffuse light is the fillight. i also used an hdri, but its very low adjusted (only for reflecions - actually only for the reflections - if you can see them at all)
    then i renderd it. i tried to keep the bounces as low as possible and high as necessary. i saved it as tiff and opend it in ps -> camera raw, little bit fine tuning, thats it.
    (and sorry my english is not the best. hope you understand all :))

let me know if you are interested in such descriptions. I would be interested in whether the time is worth it!


When you post an image on a forum like this try to add some infos about the project.

__3D app used
__ render engine
__ render time
__ Hardware
__ some solid view
__ talk about your workflow

Even a simple description of the project make sense. But like this it almost have no meaning.

Thx for your input. images like this have no meaning at all :wink: i made it just for fun… but of course it makes sense to write down a few information. I have processed it according to your suggestions. thanks for the hint.

also here are some solid fews - but nothing special :slight_smile: