Another Blender Guru SciFi WIP - [ What's Kept Within ]

Hi guys…
this is what I’ve been cooking for the Scifi competition

initial concept

the character concept is still not fixed, I think I’ll go with something more organic, perhaps a female mutant with ability to grow plants…
so I decided to block the environment first, and get a bit carried away :smiley:
nexorade dome - ground

nexorade dome - upstair

Helo Naevio… :slight_smile:
Cool Modelling… what size of camera lens… ? it looks pretty cool … feel dramatic… “18” I suggest… ?
and I think it’ll be great if you give the base ground with bright water… ?

hi bintang… thanks for dropping by… :smiley:
still need more work here and there, I realize that the top of the dome is a bit crowded by machinery components
my plan is to make some part of the nexor collapse, troops are sliding down with rope from the hole in the ceiling…

paint over test

ao pass

I’m using the default 35mm focus perspective camera for now…
you mean flood the whole floor? that’s a good idea… thanks… :wink:

character, blocking the mask shape. I don’t think I’ll meet the deadline of the competition but I’ll just do this anyway…
hopefully I can pull this concept together…

quick sculpt, making the troops… is it going to be human or something else?