Another bug.

I made a little blender joke yesterday as rendered some bugs in a normal house scene.
This time i wondered, could i repeat a bug but keep the use of objects at minimum
So i created this blender with only 26 object, including the grass.
Besides the gras and the ground (who are just simple planes), the rest is all made out of nurbs, lofting
Without conversion to a real mesh in the end, this keeps for a quick handeling, with only one big backdraw, that is i cant group them together as a single object (as far as i know), but hey still with only a few objects, from which the final bug is only 8 objects (made of other lofted objects). The rest was mainly camera focous, and cycles materials, and a bit of compositing. In the end scaled it down using drawing software for proper size.

I’ll show both images, as its so simple from what it was made i like to show that.