Another Car

here is my first car, just an exercice, and to be better at rendering.
-modeling : Blender
-render : Yafray


The DOF in Yafray needs more anti aliasing samples, to look smooth.

Other than that it looks nice for a first car. :slight_smile:

fa shazzle :smiley:

I like this- if you were aiming to make a Hot Wheels car, it is almost photoreal.

If not, I think the liquid smoothness of the large gently curved surfaces, and the soft, details of the door and hood edges and the large radii of the rounded edges like the chrome surround on the grille and the edges of the license plate holder below the grille are what give this impression.

So if that is the effect you were going for you nailed it.

hey :slight_smile:

this is a great model [considering its your first car]
-because you have got the basics right, the base mesh shape resembles the model
-the tyre rim is decent as well
-the render is quite okay as well
-the materials look decent enough but you need to work a little on them (get into ramps and adjust proper ref and spec).

now onto the crits:
-First you need to make the mesh in real low poly count and smooth out the surfaces. Then you can increase the subdiv as you add in more and more details. Because here I can see a lot of bumps.
-you need to work on the DOF as well / try givin it later in GIMP etc
-work more on the details

with a little rework you can get this baby done :Z