Another cat model.

Just another model showing off my cat fetish. Take a look at the model, I’m a bit concerned on how I can possibly do hands. There’s also some weird creases on the sides and whatnot, but I like it!

C+C please.

good start, great job on the ears! Though the eyes would probably be rounder. if you’re sticking with a cartoony hand, try this tut. Even though it’s written for Anim8or, another 3D program, the basic concept is still the same. (i started off my 3D work in Anim8or, by the way.)

Hmm, that’s a good tutorial, but I dunno how I’d apply it to my model…

Added hands, legs, eyes, etc.

Download the Blend there.

good…but i notice under the right arm there is a lump or armpit thing…getting rid of it would make better symmetry.

Must be the light because the model is completely symmetrical.

Hey FuzzMaster,
I checked out your blend. It’s looking pretty good! I remember the first project you posted here and you’ve come a LONG way since then, keep up the good work!
I have one suggestion, most cartoony characters have four fingers instead of five, a thumb with three other fingers. The reason is that five fingers look really wierd, even though that’s what we all have… Making the hands with four fingers and making the fingers much thicker might help keep things continuitous to the character.
But hey, if you like the hands the way they are, by all means keep it that way!
Keep going, it’s looking good!

How come the first image is more recent than the later image?

The front looks kind of lumpy, and I think the hands are too big and/or the torso too small. Otherwise good.

Ah, see, what happened was the first image was very old, and I accidently overwrote it with a newer image. Yes, my next priority is to fix the feet, then the proportions, and finally that gosh darn lumpiness!