Another chessboard

(anti) #1

One of my students made this.
Check out his site at:

If I get one like him each semester I’ll die happy :smiley:

(BgDM) #2

Man, i’ll have to download the avi when i get home, (19.8 Meg - whoa baby! :o )

Anyway, LMAO at that Vader and Luke pic. I used to have that set when I was a kid.


(pofo) #3

Very very nice

But what is it with chessboards and hourglasses that make everybody want to model them?

  1. pofo

(S_W) #4

Great work!
I like especially the end.

I’m glad having DSL :wink:

(S68) #5


what do you teach? My student at most came out with a 2D vector plot of Electromagnetic Fields :frowning:


(kerosene) #6


my question would be: where do u teach?
i guess it’s in germany. I live in Freiburg and i’m studying computer science atm.
u can have a look at my site 4 some works:
(hmm… gonna have to update the gallery at that occasion)

(anti) #7

It’s a bit big, but the project was a (Super)VideoCD,
so size didn’t matter.

I teach “Multi Media Systems” at the Berufsakademie Stuttgart.

The Students only had ~20hours to learn gimp+blender+mjpegtools+vcdimager and to create all material and cut it.
Some great works.
The chessboard is the result for “create a ten second animation with blender”.

They loved blender from the start.

I’m working on a LightFlow version of the chessboard, but don’t hold your breath, that’ll take a while.

(DreamMaster) #8

:o I really love it, I love how the background changes… it makes me feel like I need to sit on my edge to see who won! :slight_smile: Cool animation! 8)

(blengine) #9

hahaha that luke pic is great! hehe… the chessboard rocks too, i didn dl the anim, a lil too big for dialup…whoa whoa whoa… size doesnt matter u say? then y did my girlfriend break up with me?? hahah syke, i havent had a girlfriend in years…philly girls are all dead heads…they suck, and have no hobbies…huff i gotta get outta here!

(smash) #10

I’m glad that you like it! Thanks for the nice words!

I’m the creator.

Anti is a cool teatcher, he taught me a lot!!! :slight_smile:

Sorry, about the size, but I have T1 in the Company, where I do my Diploma Work and a Cable Modem where I life. So this kind of size doesn’t matter to me. I just wanted to present a version with a good qualitiy.
But when I’ll get time I’ll do a proper design for and then I’ll add the blender files and english translations.
I can post it when it is ready. (On this site I miss a corner, where anyone can present a link and a brief description of his website (Or am I blind?))

First I thought of making an animated Pinball. And then somehow I decided to make a chessboard, don’t know why :slight_smile:

>>If I get one like him each semester I’ll die happy
First, Danke für die Blumen :slight_smile: (Thanks for the flowers)
And please do not die too fast, you have promised me to render this with lightflow, after this you can do what ever you want to do :smiley:

(anti) #11

Lob wem lob gebuehrt.

We’ll do the LightFlow version in a few weeks. Now that I promised the guys here, there is no way back …