Another collision question.

Can I animate cloth using the collision and gravity systems in Blender, outside of the game engine enviroment? (IE in normal keyframe anims.)

Or are these just part of the real time animation settings for the game engine?

Any ideas,



it would be easier to write your own cloth simulation script

Have you any ideas as to how?



It should be wunderfun to make a cloth script like they did with the unreal engine, I think nobody did that before with blender and phyton. I played Splinter Cell, and saw some of these unique effects when walking against cloths. I think if someone made a cloth script, it should be very usefull in the game engine, and a must have :stuck_out_tongue:

You can animate cloth outside the real time engine, but then it won’t respond to real time collisions. I think the best you can do is to prepare multiple cloth animations (by script, armatures…) and in real time choose the right one according to real time collisions.

dynamica should work, if you get it to work, that is.

I thought cloth simulation was going to be implemented in dynamica, but it never was cos the guy couldn’t get it to work and he gave up on developing dynamica althogether. :-?

Keith. 8)

I saw that also, like the hospital curtains that move realistically when you walk through them (coolness!), they did that using their own programming system, dubbed “Soft Body”, which i want to know more about!

Thanks people for the feedback.

I have been searching the web for Python scripts for cloth and found these links, some of which might be useful, some probably are not:- Physics 3d collision detection description.

Does anyone know if Blender uses Python Active X or just Python? If the Active X version is used/accepted by Blender then a cloth script written in Python for another 3D app will work in Blender.

This would be a huge bonus for Blender, to have a decent cloth script, without using armatures and or RVKs and to be able to use this outside of the game engine with regard to collision files.

What do you think?


Cool, cloths simulation, but I didn’t find a simualtion that works in the blender game engine what we’re searching for. :-?

This is why I need to know if Blender can run Python Active X, as most games (Including Unreal) have been produced with 3DSMax. The cloth script for Unreal will be a Maxscript or a plugin. Hence a Python Active X script could be adapted for use with Blender.

I was trying to find one that works externally to the game engine, so normal animation can be performed with collision files for the cloth and for the other meshes.
The links I posted were just in case there was somethng there that someone else could use, that I could not spot or implement.