Another Concept for you guys to model ;)

have fun people.

as always anything you do you own the rigths to, i make no claims on any of your 3d work based on my concepts.


I’m tempted to try my hand at this one but I’m pretty sure this is a RobertT or Basse caliber project.

hey dude… try it, you might like it! I’m gonna try it…lol. I have until tonight to finish though, I have to go out of town tomorrow…lol.

“insert nike quote here”

i’m all about the attempts. and as i like to say, the more the merrier (well naked partys this applies to mainly, but hey other occasions call for it too :P)


image link without clicking for anyone who doesn’t like to click the link


Just thought I’d say this for almost no reason at all:
Alltaken, because of you, I think I’ll be getting back into using blender.
I lost interest in trying to do 3D graphics quite a while ago, but I’ve still dropped by the site every now and then (some really amazing works here), and now you’ve gone and inspired me to try again.

To sum up: I’d love to try and model this (mainly because it reminds me of the White Tree) just for fun. Though it may take a while due to the test, midterm, and two assignments I have going on this week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, really cool Alltaken.

Woo, nice!

I’m also tempted even though I know have no time to do it. :slight_smile:

Just curious, Alltaken, do you paint these? they’re great!

Mazer: thanks bro. good luck with keeping using blender, and i will be doing more regularly so perhaps a few more inspire you.

Eric: LOL yeah time sucks totally. do it any time you want i only put a week time limit on things coz deadlines are important if anything is gonna get finished by most people. glad you liked it.

Gr8RedShark: well i draw them with a Pencil at first, then i go around that with a Pen, then i erase all the pencil. i take a photograph of the result. and in photoshop using a Wacom tablet i colour it up. so yeah i do all the work on it, but its not exactly involving paint.

good luck to everyone giving this concept a go.


i take a photograph of the result. and in photoshop using a Wacom tablet i colour it up

Have you thought of using a scanner? I’m sure your method is just as effective but at least the scanner will get rid of inconsistensies with lighting and perspective. A camera lense is not good at capturing things orthogonally if you ask me. Very nice drawing though. The concept is great and its got a lot of mystery behind it. It would be just as fun to model whats in the pit I’m sure.

dad broke the scanner.

but photographs are fine for this sized image, and they are currently the prefered choice for large formats as well.

full zoom with a flash will come out fine for colouring up. for archiving of work, yes a scanner is good.


anyone who has modelled and rendered this image, if you could please post it in the thread at blender battles.

i will then make it into a Poll. and see whos image people like the most.

if you don’t want to be voted on, then just say so in your post (if you still want it to be compared, but not voted on) and i will make it a none compeating entry.

anyway thanks everyone for joining in, i was pleased by the turnout.

will have a new one coming this weekend.

i will make the poll on saturday, so i guess you have till then to submit it. if you have already submitted it, then feel free to change things till saturday.