Another DXF question??

(IngieBee) #1

When I export to DXF, it seems it does not take the texture maps with them. I’m using textues (pictures) and UV mapping them, I even put them in the materials, and link the texture, so it could be rendered, but it does not help. I have a feeling I’m supposed to do something to “set” the texture before exporting.

Or does it not export texture information, only meshes? I’m so busy lately, I can’t even get around to asking my questions! LOL

Thanks for any help! Love Ingie

(theeth) #2

DXF only exports Mesh structure (and Mesh only, no NURBS, no whatever), not material or UV coordinates for that matter.


(IngieBee) #3

Ok, I guess I’ll have to use the python exports, thanks Theeth tons!

love Ingie

(Distraught) #4

Good luck finding anything that works. Im the same situation as you. If you find any usefull way to export UV from Blender, I would sure like to know what you found. Ill have you know that I have been looking for weeks now. I have a 3DS export, but nothing on this planet can read the file that it exports. It imports 3ds files fine, but whats the point when UV / texture mapping is required on export. To be honest I doubt there is a way to preserve UV coordinates outside of a Blender dump file.

I was mislead to beleive that OBJ files saved from Blender contained UV info. They dont. If they do, why is it that Milkshape3D, Accutrans, Amapi3D ETC do NOT see any UV coordinates?

(CurtisS) #5

If you export as VRML at least you will get the materials (no textures) that go with your meshes.

(Distraught) #6

Here, I’ll save you HUGE time:

1 - Create your geometry in Blender
2 - Save from Blender as DXF
3 - Download Crossroads Converter:
3 - Open your DXF in Crossroads, and save to 3DS
4 - Obtain, and install Wings 3D:
5 - Import your 3DS file in Wings
6 - UV away in Wings
7 - Save as .whatever from Wings
8 - HAVE A PARTY! - you just saved MONTHS of time. :slight_smile:

BTW - I’m assuming your running a Windows machine.

(theeth) #7

why don’t you use the ObjIO script, it import and exports UV coordinates.


(Distraught) #8

why don’t you use the ObjIO script, it import and exports UV coordinates.

“the” ObjIO script? which “the” ObjIO script? where is “the” ObjIO script?

(theeth) #9

try using this

or going directly there:*#57388


(phlip) #10

DXF files can handle the colour of the material, but no more (no textures, spec, etc)