Another Free Mesh - Dragon Head

Just found it today through the blendernation article.
Really good model BgDM. Very clean and the uvmap is great.
Had to play a little bit around with it and painted some textures on it.
(BTW: Nodes are really fun to play with :slight_smile: )

Thanks a lot for sharing this one.

Here is a quick result:


very nice!

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Yes, we all Love U…BgDM

with regards


Please sent mail [email protected]
and tell what u do and where r u from… Thanks

WONDERFUL modeling, BgDM, thank you very much for the file!
And thanks for the superb UV Mapping tutorial, I learned a lot of things from it!

BgDM, however did you come up with this light setup? It’s amazing/crazy! I love the model. I’m rendering your blend, it’s taking a LONG time. I have yet to check out the settings…

Linny: Nice job there.

panzi: TY!

marlopax: Your welcome.

criss: Glad I could help. That’s what I am here for.

Saxofoner: LOL! Yeah, it is a crazy light set up. Not the best though and it does take a long time to render. But the results are worth it, imo.

And, as I stated in the thread at Blender Nation, any of my blend files are freely available. Just ask and you shall receive. And on second thought, I should just compile a huge list and post them here. Give me a bit and I’ll get something done.


I really thought I already knew a substantial amount of info about Blender. :)Could you please explain to me what these lines are and why on earth do they have a different color? Thanks in advance.:smiley:


That are seams (Alt+E). On those lines the mesh will be cut open when you unwrap it. :wink:

3Dabbler: They are indeed where the seams are marked on the mesh for the UV layout calculation, as panzi stated above.

Glad everyone is using this one to some degree. THanks for looking.


i had an unfinished model with a head not very nice but with a cool(i think) body. i have try to put my body with this nice head.
show by your self if you like
it could be cool to make a site where peoples give a work not finished
and everybody could make a part of the job a repost it to wait that another take it in its turn, but maybe it already exist?, you maybe know one ?

so i upload image and mesh if you want to play with like me
body designed by V.Morer and modeled by Valefor

Thanx a lot for your dragon head! I’ll use it to practice texturing :slight_smile:

yo due how do you make soft bodies like that. i use makehuman to make human models but i dont know how to make other animal or dragon models… could you give some advice? thanks dude

Here’s some advice, make your own thread instead of bumping a thread as old as this one.


could you make a model body im making a movie and id like to use this thanks

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