Another GPU issue...

So I recently bought an AMD Sapphire R7 2xx series, which appears to be an okay gpu, handling some okay gaming and blah blah blah.

I bought it for the purpose of modeling though, which raised an issue as blender doesn’t recognize this gpu in the devices section of the user preferences. I’ve used gpu rendering before with some lower-end graphics cards but there doesn’t appear to be any fix for this.

Yes, I’ve updated to the latest drivers.
Yes, I’ve tried the beta’s.
Yes, I’ve tried different versions of blender(not a likely fix but w/e)
Yes, I’m getting a bit depressed over this situation, as I’ve used blender countless times before with many MANY different gpus. This is killing me as literally as possible.

Any and all help would be sincerely appreciated!


The blender cycles renderer uses CUDA for gpu rendering so you need to use compatible NVidia graphics cards

I know blender supports AMD cards too so I don’t understand why I wouldn’t be able to use the interpreter for my card…

It’s almost as if blender is simply not recognizing my gpu…

You can have a look there.

Hi, here is a description for all platforms:

Cheers, mib