Another help Desperation!

I have two questions: 1. Why do my objects in my game strech as they get closer to the screen? 2. How do I make ga,es so that when you play the, you don’t have to open up blender? Also, I want to know if I can open my games and play them in any window, or at least Microsoft Windows, or even Macs?

  1. If you dont like how much your image is being “stretched” then select the camera that you are using, go to the editing menu (F9) and fiddle around with the lens setting. I find that something around 20.00 normally works well for me, but just use whatever suits your project best.

  2. For information on how to publish your game read blendenzo’s excellent “how do I publish my game” guide. It can be found here:

Thanx! I will try it!