Another Kitchen Visualization

This is definitely one of the more advanced scenes I have done since I have making architectural renders for about a month. I am very happy on how this turned out. :grinning: What do you think?

Rendered in Cycles with 1000 samples.



Except the bump on the floor planks is much too high. Nobody wants to clean their kitchen floor down on their knees with a toothbrush. :wink:


That’s what I thought too, until I examined it. It’s not bumpy raised texture - just a flat pattern drawn that way.
Nevertheless, a subtle and simple floor pattern is usually nicer.

I’ve a feeling the OP is into remodeling their kitchen for real.

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Thank you! I really appreciate the tip. :slight_smile:

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Hey there, and welcome to BA!

That’s what “bump” means in CG – it gives a flat texture an illusion of depth, which isn’t actually raised, has no additional geometry. It is a grayscale height map that modifies surface normals which is used by the lighting to create that illusion. If a texture is actually raised by such a map, with additional geometry, it’s called “displacement”. I was joking about the illusion of depth being a bit too good here.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks, @bartv! :grinning:

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