Another Linux Mint Wallpaper

After seeing a really great wallpaper posted here I remembered I made this one a few months ago for the Linux Mint community.

On a personal level I wanted to get myself around the Blender workflow (specially the compositor, which I had never used before) so yeah, this was the result. Not perfect, but I do like it. :spin:


Here are the downloads for several formats and the source .blend and 2560x2560 render [Link to]


Uncluttered, clean and not overwhelming: just what a wall paper should be. Good work.

Thanks a lot n_n

The actual logo is cool, but the rest of the space looks pixelated. Fine work though.


Pixelated how? o_O XD

Would be nice if there was a higher resolution.

I agree. When I choose a background, I don’t want to have an image so complicated that my whole desktop looks like a jumbled mess. Very nice work and color theme.

Probably the DoF giving a similar look as a blurred low-res image, now that I look it seems just a little noisy on the DoF. Otherwise good job, do you have any larger resolutions?

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been a little busy these past few days XD

stuart.t and Artisten, I do have higher resolutions, I just have to crop them and upload them XD sorry (gonna get working on that)

Also, I’m guessing the pixelated DoF has something to do with me not turning off the preview option in the defocus node ¬¬ gonna see if that’s it (it most probably is XD)

And yeah, I was going for something uncluttered and clean n_n that’s the way I like my wallpapers.

The color scheme deffers a little from the classic green from Linux Mint, but I did that on purpose, I don’t really like the yelowish green of most Mint wallpapers.

thanks when you get a chance for a Higher resolution it would be perfect.


Done, [Link to] there are all of the download links (including the .blend file and a 2560x2560 .png for copping the the size you need)

n_n Thanks to everyone for the comments.

Oh, and I chacked, It doesn’t seem the be a problem with the defocus node, maybe a compression issue ¬¬ I really don’t know…