Another Living Room

Hi, once again i am very interested in your opinion.


Looks good!

Only two things really stand out: the material for flowers in the vase and for the fruits seem off. The flowers seem to be too much diffuse and not enough gloss or transparency—the bright window should make some of the petals glow. The fruits seem a little too shiny.

I think this is a very good start!
I really like the window and the ceiling light and the furniture in general (apart from the couch).
The floor looks good as well.

I know its a wip, so you might be already aware of most of it, but this are the things that stood out immediately to me:

  • the couch looks very hard and plasticy
  • the stone wall looks silver and flat, since its very visible in your scene you might consider to displace it.
  • The colour of the plants seem off, especially the flowers on the table and next to the couch.
  • the shelfes look like 100% black, which looks a little bit strange.
  • the material of the fruits ( I have some models at blendswap, if you want you can check them out here :slight_smile: )


In addition to what the others said (I especially echo the couch), some subtle wrinkles done with multi res sculpting can help sell the blanket. Even folded, an actual blanket would have at least some subtle ones. (And the edges wouldn’t be absolutely perfectly aligned.)

Almost feels as if there should be some sort of decorative element hanging on the far wall, too… Not sure what, but that wall feels kind of empty, even with the window and the plant by it.

Hi thanks a lot, good points u are making!! I will definetly consider them.