Another lving room

I almost hesitate to post it as a finished project. Depending on the comments, I’ll see. The exercice was to recreate a existing photo or at least do something quite close.


Looking very good. I like the small touches (ie sockets in the corner) however there are no lights of any kind on the ceiling which makes it look rather odd

Hi… yeah, I was thinking about the lights on the ceiling too but as it is not present in the original picture, I thought it wasn’t necessary. I made that false ceiling imagining that the lights could be in there, pointing to the top and reflecting on the real ceiling. I don0t know it this technique, since the light can only escape from the borders, could produce enough light. Otherwise I could add holes in the false ceiling.

What do you think about the sofa or the floor ?

From another point of view. I got to rerender the first image, I didn’t notice the elements on the table I’ve been lowered and enter in the glass table.

Love it! what lighting setup did you use?

Hi, in the first image there’s an hdri, a sun (that honnestly doens’t do much) and an area lamp just on top of the sofa. For the second I shut down all the lamps exept the hdri.