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Hi peeps. I’m new at this (no duh) and I need help with texturing. I need like an “Idiots Guide To Blender Texturing”. Seriously I don’t understand a thing about it. Well,… I know how to texture using the prebuilt ones but I wanna learn how to do it using your own painted textures. I have paint shop pro to do that. I know mostly everything else such as mesh editing and stuff its just that texturing drives me bonkers. Any help would be great!

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Mind you, I’m might not be doing it right, but I lay this texture over my object ( ) then I load a copy of the same pic in photoshop. By looking back and forth between the rendering in blender and the pic in photoshop I can figure out how a texture will lay on a model and how to paint it. I add another layer to the graphic in photoshop and paint the texture right over it
If that’s any help.

I don’t know everything, but I know a little bit about everything:)

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Ok now that might be of some help but the real thing I need is how do I get to where you paint it. How do I get the mesh into a paint file and then paint over the textures. How do I paint all those objects I need to. You must explain like if your talking to an idiot. :smiley:

Thanks for replying though

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The only way I know of to paint on a mesh directly is with vertex painting. Think of texturing and materials in Blender like this GeneralK99, the mesh is just a frame like a chasis on a car, then the material and texture is the skin on the mesh, like the body of the car. Or if you were to think of it like a wall, the mesh is the wood, the material the drywall, and the texture the paint or wallpaper.

When you paint a texture you do it in 2D in a paint program, then you wrap it around you model. There is several ways to do this though, so you’ll have to get some detail on the materials and texturing buttons because it get pretty in depth.

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Thanks for the reply, but I know all that. I want to know how to get an image of my mesh out, paint it, and load it into blender.

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I don’t think you can with Blender but I’m not quite sure I understand you. Are you saying take it out of Blender (the model, not a render) paint it , then load it back into to model?

If thats it then I don’t think you can. I think there’s stuff like that in Maya (adobe after effects, zbrush, etc…) but not in Blender from what I’ve seen.

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No I mean take a picture of lets say the left part of my model. Using that picture, texture it using paint shop pro and add it into the left part of it using blender. Then do the same for the front, back, and right parts of it. Hopefully that clarifies it.

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Try these links:

Good luck. I am still learning my modelling at the moment and am saving texturing till later.


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Thanks for the link the blenderwars I tried already but didn’t understand. The other one requires something that I don’t have I’ll see waht I can do though.