Another of my first blender images.

Here it is [>]

How could this be “‘another’ of my first blender images” ? Good modelling. The texture on the ship chasing the other one is not very well done.

Sorry :expressionless: .I wil retexture it later.

Needs more stars and better lighting. Im not saying that all projects need AO but I think this one does. Try an area light with a sun lamp with AO on.

If it’s a cartoony feel it’s pretty sufficient, otherwise there’s the lack of an atmospheric halo on the earth and saturn, the ships need texture work and the solor panels on the satilite don’t look reflective maybe because of too high a specularity.

what is AO? :expressionless:

AO is ambient oclusion, heres a picture of where to find it!
The setting I have on there right now are default so you might want to change them to your liking.
Have fun!

Actually, Earth only has an atmospheric halo if you’re viewing it from very close (relatively speaking). I set up a little comparison on my website. If you’re going for a more realistic image, work on the textures as mentioned above (Saturn, ships, and solar panels). Quite possibly the most significant upgrade would be to produce a more realistic star field. Check this link for that: Best of luck.


I don’t think that ambient occlusion would help this at all. AO is simply not appropriate from space scenes, because you don’t have a bright sky that would contribute significant light. Perhaps–perhaps–it could be used to fake some sort of radiosity effect, but that trick generally only works for interiors.

If you’r going for realism, you should have some very dark shadows, due to the fact that the only signifcant source of light in space is the sun. Unless your close to a planet, in which case it’s effect on the lighting would be more significant.