another old file Updated

this one started out as a test of the new soft shadows in distributed blender, and since I liked the way it turned out I thought I’d show it here.

BTW, thanks Foof, those soft shadows for all lamps totally rock – Lighting just became much easier :o (and faster too :stuck_out_tongue: )

:o Wow, you never fail to impress me.

Guitar body looks a little on the pale side.

[email protected], you defitnely rock!
I find it very cool to render old scenes with the new releases. For example the blend files on the old 2.20 manual CD.

Lovely render!

As a guitarist I have a few complains on the guitar though. :slight_smile:

The strings shouldn’t have the same thickness and the pickups should have 6 magnets each, one for each string. Also, the bands looks alittle weird. Maybe they’re too few?

Not to put down this wonderfull image or anything. :slight_smile:
The lighting is just great!

The image is cool, but also, as a guitarist, i also have a few complaints.

As Eric said, the strings shouldn’t be the same thickness and the 3 on the left should have a wire coil around them

Also, as eric said, the pickups need 6 pole pieces, not 5. Also, they have to be lined up with the strings. Also, there shouldn’t be a gap between the two parts to each pickup, they should be next to each other and the pickups need some sort of housing around them. The pickups themselves also need to be wider

Another thing is that plate where the strings are threaded through is not centred. It needs to go out further on the left side. (The metal plate, that is, the six saddles are fine)

Also the horns at the top are unlikely to be the same size and shape
The controls are wierd (volume, tone, volume?) It should be v,v,t

One last thing, (I’m not bashing your pic, just trying to help make it look even better, coz i do like it) is that there is no switch to select which pickup is being used.

The picture is good, but if you fix these problems, it will be better!


Oh no. I think you all quite misunderstand. This is the guitar of the late yet great Hoanl Kripenski, who strung his guitar using only .010 mm strings, producing a sound largely reminiscent of of the Kooalnao bird by softly hitting the guitar with small metal spheres while hardwireing all of the pickups on.

Great work. Nice focal blur effect.