Another one Bites the Dust! You dont like my game?

This is the idea:

It started over 500 years ago. The Dainkens had threatened our survival by striking our outposts here and there. Slowly taking over the Hurkian Cemistry, bit by bit.

We fought brave battles and would win an outpost back, but their numbers were too large. As of yesterday we had almost lost the Hurkian Cemistry for the final blow.

But then in the blink of an eye, something happened. It was dramatic and we began to win the battle:

Game play begins

Use any free anything
Takes place in a dark, dusty, blown apart mall
Any year, any kind of characters/people/weapons, etc.

Just for fun. Please finish and post by 10am GMT -7 Mountain Time US and Canada.

I’ll Try this out. Pretty good story!

that sounds kewl
may try out :slight_smile:

sweet, i’m in. So we model the level, objects and possibly characters?

so basically we have to make up what this dramatic change is, and make a game of it? sounds interesting, and I might actually be able to finish something if I have a deadline…

Yes, you know it is the creation of it, its supposed to be fun. It can be realistic, or not realistic. wire frames or solid.
1000BC or 10,000 AD. Indoor/outdoor mall.

I just threw the mall in as the only standard in the game. Instead of saying you must include an animal, and a 2 vehicles and 1 humaniod. Smile.

I can hardly wait!

I would participate but I have a lot on my plate already = (

oh, come on, just do a little something, it will be a Christmas gift to members here.

oh, yeah, what exactly is the “hurikan chemistry”? is it pre-defined, or just a name for the place the dainkens are taking over?

Cemistry is just a word I made up for empire…or clan or hourd or group. I just wanted something new…

Its up to you. You can use it in the name of the place too, what ever you want to do.

I will try to do it!


I might do something. The idea sounds pretty cool. (and I’ve got a huge store of low-poly game characters :yes:)

Fantastic, we have see players now…

Only 9 days left, Im so excited to see what everyone has put together!

bump, lol… I hope when I wake-up, there will be a slew of new games here! I hope, I hope, I hope.

Only 30 minutes left!


Well had I not been in the hospital, this is my idea:

The scene opens, and you look to your left to see 2 of your teammates. You hear lazer sounds or something similar, and look in the distance to see maybe 9 bad guys, hiding behind something, you cant tell what it is, they are in shadows.

Now the view changes, we see the screen almost fill with a leather boot, with a loud boom and lense shaking, it comes down and squashes the bad guys.

As the foot rises, you see the squashed bad guys dangling from its sole.

The boot is gone, the war is over!