Another one of my lowpoly characters, stylized warrior.

Weighting in at 460 triangles for the character, and 98 triangles for the sword.

one 256x256 for the character, and one 128x256 for the sword.

Brilliant textures. There are some weird triangles and the lefthand is a bit too lowpoly, but the textures work like a charm.


Well yeah, it’s a big trade, lowpolying it as much as possible and creating a texture that makes the shapes believable :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work. So little polygons and still so sweat looking, lovely work on the textures.

What is the character for? A certain game or just practice?

Hihi, so cute. Great job :slight_smile:

This is an excellent example of great texturing work!

What program do you use to paint your textures?

very nice. Triangles don’t matter unless you sub-surf, and the texture’s spot on, but you really should fix that left wrist.

Any chance of a lowpoly tut? … man this work is excellent!

Odd but very good. The only thing bothering me is the differance in saturation between the head and neck. It is creating a very noticable seam. There also seems to be a seam where the ear connects - is it a seperate piece in the uv? you might want to weld that seam.

Thanks for the replies.

I most likely wont change anything, but those are good things pointed out, the ear is seperate on the uvmap, yes, so I’m a bit lazy, or just saving some time on not trying to match colours there, same with the neck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Have to improve on hiding seams.

The arm aint perfect yet, so I’ll have to improve that in the future too.

There are lots of tutorials on this out there already, but maybe I should create one.

oh, and I use photoshop for creating the textures.

could u make a little ork to go with him or something like that :slight_smile:

Low poly models are so fun! it brings back so many good memorys of my old N 64.

Nice work! I think that the porpotions are just right for a cartoonish character. I would just like to see this anamated or posed diffrently to see how the skin deforms.

Very nice texture work. The legs look a little too thin, though, especially since his crotch seems to be slightly wider than his thighs (and I thought it was just me that had that problem).

hmm… im not so much interested of a modeling tutorial but a texturing one :slight_smile:
edit: and sorry for posting in a thread that has been dead for allmost a month, but i realy felt like commenting on this.

Brillant job!

Texture is very, very, very good.

A little exlpanation how to reach this quality will be a great stuff.

Your creations prove how good Blender is for both low and high poly game modeling. Great inspiration for us other modders and game makers out there. :smiley:

What game is this for?

Wow, where’d this thread come from?

But yes, in combination with a good tool to make textures with it’s excellent.

I also recommend using this tool for any game normalmapping as it is free aswell:

Looks great, got to check that out as soon as I’ve grasped the skill of using them properly.

Wow, this is VERY nice. Great work!

Very nice work! Looks like it came from a commercial game. The textures are what really make it a good low-poly character.