Another problem...

(Pooba) #1

Ok, i got my guy armatured and his animations play in gameblender mode, but i’m having another problem.

I added a sphere to pose as an eye and parented to one of the bones of the armature. I can see the eye perfectly in potato mode, and it moves along with my animations, but when I go into game mode the eye totally dissapears. The body is still there, and it plays the animation, but the eye isn’t there at all. The faces of the sphere are two-sided as well.

How can i fix this problem?


(Pooba) #2

Ok, right after I posted this i looked at my thing in wireframe and realized that the eye jumped to a different postition when i started the game. This doesn’t happen when I uparent the eye from the armature, only when it is parented. I had a similar problem a while ago while trying to parent a mesh to a mesh, it sometimes messed up. What’s up with this? How can i get it to not do it?

(S_W) #3

perhaps you could give us a link to this file.

(marxniffen) #4
 I realized that if you want parent the eye(or any other mesh) to a bone, you have to do it the way you would for legs, arms, head, ect.(Using Ctrl-P>Use Armature, and having a deformation group[under "editbuttons" "F9"]named after the bone)  If you parent it by: Ctrl-P>Use Bone>the bone, then the mesh will act as if it has been parented to the actual object, NOT the bone itself.  It(the mesh) will usually be in some weird spot, not where you want it!  I'm still trying to figure out how to parent a mesh to a bone in GameBlender and have the little middle dot rotate thingy move with it, so that it can "Add Object".
 Well, this is my first post aimed at helping someone, hope it does!  :D


(saluk) #5

Unfortunately, this was one of the feature additions we were waiting for before IT happened. Objects can not be parented to bones in game engine, making sword combat, gun animations, picking up object animations etc a lot more complicated to do. Check out my zelda game for a (bad) example of how to get around it. The sword looks attached to the hand when swinging it, but it’s ipo animation does not sync with the walking animation for some reason.