Another Question...

I’m back with another game engine question…
I have done a character that can move, but I want to be able to add like a skateboard to him which will change all the movements, I’ve tried it in many different ways, but something always goes wrong. Is there a tutorial that could explain how to do it??
Thx in advance!

You don’t want to hear this, but Python is probably the best way. Using a property to define whether the player is walking or using the skateboard, you could then devise a script which reads the property and alters the behavior accordingly. It’s possible with logic bricks, but would require extensive and tangled set-ups and with a high price on performance.

I really don’t know that much about it, but couldn’t you just make it when you press a button it swicthes to another scene which is an exact duplicate but the fact he has a skate board under him. In the new scene you could create a new control scheme using logic bricks.

Thx PlantPerson for your response. What I tried to do was to be able to walk normally when the player had a collision with my the boots, and then I could press a button which would replace the boots with a board, which would alter the logic bricks. But that didn’t work, because as I said, something always went wrong, either the board didn’t folow the player or it was deformed, and It never worked to switch back and forth. :frowning:

And Ace 24, it would probably take to long to load the new scene, and i wan’t to be able to switch to the board to ride for maybe two or the seconds, and then get off again, so that wouldn’t work.

So i guess i have to throw that idea in the garbage can, or try to find someone who knows how to handle python.