Another save/ load system problem

Hello everyone,
A newbie need some help here :eyebrowlift:

I have this attached file, and the problem is… I don’t know how the SaveLoad python script is.
Yes, i know there were several threads similar to this one.
I have read those threads, have tried the .blend files, and have seen some tutorials, but mostly, those tutorials etc. talking about saving an object’s position and/ or orientation.
And they’re using one single key sensor (mostly “s” key). Of course that is good.
But in my case… it’s just a little bit different.

I need to save, not an object, but a scene. And the sensor not only use one sensor, but two (mouse over + left mouse button).
For an object I know where to put the properties is, but for a scene…?

I wish someone could help me with this “newbie problem”, and thanks in advance :eyebrowlift:


saveLoadScene.blend (461 KB)

You can’t save scenes. Simple as that.
But what you can do, which is what ALL the other saveload scripts do is to save all the properties that the user can change in game to a file, and load it on start-up.

Have a look at SaveLoader.

Maybe you can use it

@ agoose77
Thank you for your response. Since i’m no programmer and i don’t know python, especially in bge, i don’t think i can write the scripts anytime soon (or even just modify your scripts, from the other similar threads:o). I was tried learning python months ago, but once i get into bge, wow, felt like i haven’t learned anything at all. Recently i was thinking about starting to learn python again, but after i read the thread about Ogrekit and lua, i’m not sure that it is a good idea.

Professor Monster…? Lol, that is funny awesome. Makes me smile everytime i’m looking at it. Very good.
And the SaveLoaderUsageDemo2.2.blend… Phew, i never tought i’m gonna go back using 2.49 again. But considering of the great work you have done at it for the people, i don’t think i have rights to complain here. Besides, i’m lucky this time because my project is a very tiny little one. It’s not even a game. It’s just an interactive multimedia for my six years old niece. Something like… bge for education. Still… i’m gonna need some times to rearrange anything in bge 2.49 and see if your saveloader can solve my problem.
Thank you, professor:yes:.

Note: Just a taught… I think saveloader really CAN help a lot of people in the future if you (or someone else) write it for bge 2.5x, since 2.58 is a stable version.