Another "Saying Goodbye" WIP - DerekG1080

Alright guys…here is another WIP for the “Saying Goodbye” Competition. Right now I’m working on all the pieces seperately and will pull them together at the end. To begin with a rose (the pedistal is just for display of the rose not part of the final scene:) ) I’m still working on the stem and leaves but I need to get the flower portion right. I’ve got some transulcency going on with some SSS. I may do some more work on the image texture but the main thing next is detailing the curled edge of the pedals. They will be irregular and vary more to create natural chaos:) Let me know what you think C&C’s are always welcome. P.S. the rose will be a focal point so it needs to be high resolution and detailed.

More to come:) Happy Blending!

to me it needs some kind of stem or partial stem. maybe just the top bit with a little green showing from behind.

Sorry about that Modron I was working on the stem and still am (thorns leaves ect.), but at least it gives a better feel to the rose
:slight_smile: Let me know what you think! Again I sill need to add some sculpt detail to the rose pedals but you get the idea.

OK I finally got some work done on the pedals…still more to go:) I’m switching to cycles and trying to create some SSS on the stem and pedals and I think I’m getting close. Also playing with DOF in cycles. The render below is 1280x720, 200 samples and it took 45min:eek::eek::eek: Totally rediculious and thats because I’m using CPU rendering, my GPU’s are GeForce 9800 GT and not cuda compatable:( Guess its time for an upgrade:) Anyway let me know what you think!

Very nice rose! It looks a ton better when you are looking into it, so depending on what your scene is, I think you should position it like you did in the DOF shot. I’m sure it will look great when you add the barbs and stuff. Also I think the stem is a little too think where it meets the petals, perhaps you could make it “bud” more?

I’m just curious, but what is your scene going to be like? Don’t worry I already started my competition picture so I wont copy :wink:

Thanks Johnathan:) Hopefully I should have the rest of the rose completed this week. On the side I am also working on another piece of the scene, a hand in a glove holding the rose. I havent dont much human modeling including hands, especially one in a glove so I’m just going to take it one day at a time:)

Dont worry I’m not worried about anyone trying to copy, I’ve just been trying to work out the overall scene and camera angle before I show anything. It gonna be a sad one:(, a single man standing in front of a grave holding a single rose. Very surreal with leaves and particles blowing around, with a dense looking forrest surrounding.

Thanks for commenting I havent been getting much response probably because its just a rose unfinished, but its getting there. Again the rose will be the focal point with lots of DOF and creative camera angles to save me on the modeling of the mans face and body hehe:)

More progress today…I continued on the rose stem and leaves which is comming along nicely and also started on the hand which will be holding the rose. The hand will be in a leather glove so not much detail is necessary I just need the right proportions and pose. I will be adding the leather seams and stitches. Still working on the pose…I have never rigged anything and to be honest I may be able to get away without doing it on this one;) Anyway give me some feed back let me know what you think! 200 samples 2 min should had let it go longer but its just a test. Happy Blending!

looking good, are you going to sculpt the hand, or leave it kind of plain?

I propably wont spend a ton of time tweaking it since it’s going to end up in a glove and the only part if any that will be exposed is the wrist. Which brings me to a good question…how would you go about creating the glove??? Should I just sculpt on the hand its self and bulk it up and then texture it or should I shrink wrap the thing ect. My thought was to just sculpt on the model I have to give it the ripples and folds and seams that you would find on a glove.

For sure I will save the original hand model and use it for future projects and take it much further in detail. But right now I have so many other items left to do for the competition I just need to stay focused:)


What I would do to get a good result and save time is cut the hand off at the wrist, extrude the arm a tad into the “glove” and extrude the hand past the arm and scale that loop up a bit then just scale the other loops accordingly. Then add a multires modifier and sculpt in some good wrinkles where the fingers bend. I hope that made sense.

Lucky for me I’m on midwinter break so I have plenty of time to work on my entry

That is a really nice hand. Do you have any guides or tips on modeling a hand?

The biggest piece of advice I could give is the modeling of the thumb. Typically people model the hand wide open with the thumb to the side but in reality the thumb comes more out of the front of the hand then the side. To achieve this start with a box and then select one edge which would be the inside edge on the thumb side and bring it in. This will create a box with one slanted side, from there just extrude the face to create the thumb, then continue on to the fingers. There are some good tutorials out there, but it is definetly not easy. This is my second attempt and I’m not going to show you my first haha:) Hope the render below helps, start on the left. Get some good reference pictures too or take some of your own hand! Happy Blending!

Update: I’ve moved on a little farther with the glove. Now time to do the detailed sculpting and proper material for the leather bump and coloring. I’ve just thrown a quick texture on the hand and wrist and also added an HDR environment. Its lower resolution but let me know what you think:) The last image is the actual angle the hand will be viewed at:) Happy Blending!

Nice work, at first I thought this whole project would just be that rose on that… thing. Oh how I was wrong. :slight_smile:
Critiques: ________

Thanks for the tip, it’s really helpful.
On that top-left render, it looks like it has some close edges on the right side. It makes it feel almost kind of boxy, but not really at the same time? I do kind of understand though that there is the ulna and the radius, but what would happen if you smoothed out that outer edge on the dark side of his arm a little bit?

Thanks for commenting guys:) Yes there is most definetly more to this scene, as I was saying above I’m just posting renders of each piece as I work on them. Hopefully I will get some scene renders pulling the seperate items together up on here soon.

@Outline5 - I hear what your saying thanks:) The wrist is a bit boxy and I still have plenty to do in regards to sculpting, so I’ll work that out shortly.

Items left to do items:
-finish sculpting glove and wrist
-proper texture on glove and wrist
-texture paint rose stem
-model and texture over coat arm and side
-model and texture pants
-Blowing leaves model and texture (already started)
-model and texture head stone (already started)
-model and texture trees (already started)
-ground with deadish grass particle system (already started)

and of course compositing to finish things off:) Its a lot left to do, but do-able none the less!

Happy Blending:)

Fun list in deed! That is good work and definitely looking forward to seeing the finished render. :wink:

Be gentle this is a working mockup. There will be more trees and less uniform grass and of course the hand and jacket will be replaced as well as the rose has way to much bump but at least you get an idea where I’m going with this. More than likely the head stone will be lighter for composition purposed to draw the eye in. The DOF in cycles is really great, much easier than BI:) My main thing is I want to make sure there is a reflection of the man in the head stone, it provides better imagery without requiring detail since it is out of focus :wink: I call it clever camera work. Let me know what you think!

300 samples 2.5 hours
nearly 4 million faces with the grass

I think that you should make the gravestone more obvious, right now it is kind of hidden behind the flower leaves. I didn’t even realize that the gravestone was there until I read the post. Also, if it is a cemetery you would expect to see more gravestones around.

I agree with BlEnDeR fan
DOF is way too strong. It took me a while to realize what the scene is about.