another sculpt

i saw Eldron’s sculpt test and it made me want to sculpt somethin too :slight_smile:

took about 2 hours for everything

Please let that thing torment me with its mouth, chewing me up and viciously lick, spit, and slobber at me:spin:

That’s a very good sculpt and very nice texture. I bet he can be taken a lot further once editable multires is done.

I’m liking the little string of drool between his jaws. That’s a nice touch. Good work all in all.

haha thanks guys :slight_smile:
yea man, cant wait for sculpt/multires improvements!

that’s a great sculpt Jeepster… i think there is room for improvement in the eyes and eyeballs. other than that, it looks good :slight_smile:

awesome. but it needs black reflective eyes, slightly reflective skin, and to be lit from below with a blue light.

You’re a wierd guy ace.

did a quick troll type of thing :slight_smile:

what do you think?

Very Very good…maybe make the textures look more real?

Really good! i love your work

Whoa, I thought those wrinkles on the troll were just normal mapped.Really detailed sculpt.

thanks :slight_smile:
yeah, textures is definately something to work on.
like you pointed out sammaron, the textures kinda cover up the real details in the model, leaving people thinking its not actually very detailed :confused:
im open to any tips and tutorials if you’ve got some!

Sorry bud, you just sculpt too detailed :smiley: Sculpting sucks for me :frowning: do you use a tablet?

You probably need even higher frequency normal maps with the detailed sculpting. The normal maps will cover even smaller details then the sculpted stuff.

'k good to know
and no tablet for me! just a mouse and a few textured brushes :spin:

Amazing work jeep, I think the sculpts look incredible, but the renders need some work, The lighting needs a lot, but the textures need more reflections…the tongue on the first one isn’t really reflective at all…neither is the skin. good work though, keep it up :slight_smile: