another sculpting thread ...

Hey guys and gals,

Being inspired by the sculpting threads of michaelw, jeepster, jms and sick I thought I’d give a shot at sculpting.
Just picked up 3d and drawing after some time of slacking (college tends to take up a lot of time, but holiday is finally here :D) and I was hoping for some advice, critics and comments. Currently working on this goblin figure.

I don’t have much experience on anatomy, so basicly any advice on improving that department of the model would be very welcome :slight_smile:

Currently working in sculptris, but the rendering and everything is gonna be done in blender :slight_smile:

Let’s see where this ends and hopefully updates will follow soon,


(hope the render is not too big, if it is give a shout and I will post smaller ones in the thread)

some work on the arms, tried to start on the legs, but that didn’t really work out.
Might scale those arms down a lil’ bit, I’m starting to feel they are getting to bulky for a goblin.

This goblin is really ugly ! keep it on and continue.

Not sure about the center tooth, as teeth are usually symmetrical but that could have been on purpose. Other then that its a good start.

Thank you jms, really ugly was what I was going for :slight_smile:
You’re right about the teeth khnum, bit of lazyniss on my part, fixed it :slight_smile: ty for the advice

Been struggling with the legs, not really happy with the upper legs now, but they’ll have to do till I find the energy to work some more on 'm. Probably gonna create some boots for the lower legs, as I find it rather hard to extrude the legs properly in sculptris.

I also changed the colour of his body, not really sure what the end colour will be, but green doesn’t look bad.
The skull on his shoulder is wip aswell,just added it to see how it looks, I’m planning on adding more clothing as I go along :slight_smile: