Another space pic from me. (First one with original models)

(A2597) #1

Beowulf heavy cruiser in the background:
amazingly low 107,000 polys. (w00t! that thing has some insane detail on her too)
the blue lights on the cruiser are mounted on the “Mass Rail Gun” a weapon that could be made even today that accelerated room sized rocks to near light speeds. (Owch)

the fighter is a “Thor Class light fighter”
highly manuverable, four missile points, and twin plasma connons (Seen in use).

soo, comments?
(I don’t know the rules for the compitition, so until I read them, this pic may not be eligible, I made it today, but didn’t even know about there being a contest! lol)

(EDIT: fixed typos)

(rogerm3d) #2

Man that is really cool for space pic.
If only you had known and entered
weekend challenge.:frowning:
maybe next time

(macouno) #3

Amazing… I love what you did with the lightling. and how did you do the blur/dof thing??

(Detritus) #4

Cool! Especially since lowpoly-modelling is so hard to get right (at least for me)! Love both ships, but would like to see a version were the camera is straight and not rotated like that. It gives an impression of more action, but makes it hard to see the whole image at once. Great work except that!

(ookami77) #5

I think your ship looks very cool, but I’m having trouble with the idea that over 100,000 Polys is supposed to be a low number. Also for all those Polys I can’t really discern any great detail in the ship (this could be from lighting, distance, size, etc.). I’m currently modeling a system rack containing tons of detail yet I’m still only at 170,000 faces (the rack contains 5 computers with CD Burners, Floppy drives, etc. and monitors, keyboards, processor cards, buttons, power supplies. So what caused you to use so many polygons? Please keep in mind that I do like the image, I’m just wondering why it has so many… Keep up the good work!

(A2597) #6

where are all the polys? lol, you cant make out ANY detail from this distance. :slight_smile:

here are the WiP pics.

now do you understand the 100,000 polys = good? :slight_smile: even those pics are very outdated, there are TONS of little nurnies on this ship. only one texture used BTW, so theres no confusion there.

the fighter is only like, 4000 polys I think. (And again, you cant make out many details in that pic.

(ookami77) #7

I see now how you could use so many polygons… very nice! I love the details like actually writing Maintenance Hatch on the doors. I think I like WIP5.jpg better though than the current image. Something about the layout is really striking. Anyway, I’m very impressed! Thanks for letting me see the WIP pics!