Another (unofficial) Project Peach Character Concept

Hi All,

I made this character up quickly as part of my unsuccessful (but fun to put together anyhow) submission for Project Peach. Seeing as I don’t really have further plans for the model and Project Peach is starting to gather more interest as it kicks off, I thought I may as well post my model here. (My portfolio for those who don’t yet know and would like to have a look is here: ) Total time on the project was probably under 6 hours, I think that’s my quickest yet for something that turned out ok.

Ben. - about 700kb

A mouse with character. downloading your reel as we speak
4 stars

Fantastic character. Really reminds me a bit of “Slowpoke Rodriguez” from the old Looney Toons.


I agree!:cool:

Chances are that Peach team just finds the whole movie unofficially done when they start working on it!

Great little mouse, I like it… just six hours? My “a month spent” mouse is just leaving the 3dView sadly.

Wow, wasn’t expecting that much interest so soon. pKrime - he’s not rigged or anything. Took many other hours of practice on other projects to be able to do that anyway.

nice one!!

oh i can just see this guy with a beret, and a French accent flirting with a female mouse!
luv it! 5*

is a rig coming?

very cool. thanks for the model, it really helps to have something to interact with, to really understand a sculpt. i love the proportions, they are terribly exaggerated, but they work.
and some of the subtle details really sell the physicality of the character as well, like the stylized hair, and the slight bulge at the crotch. cartoon simplification often leads to bland characters, or weird semi-realistic hybrids. but not in this case. good job.

small crit? the fingers and toes are a little underworked, and uniform. a little variation in lengths and widths may help. or not. i would leave that until i had started rigging, personally, as i always need to adjust vertices to make good deformations.

jim ww

Do you still have a copy of this with the armature still around?

This is quite a good 3d-rendition of one of those characters.


Again, thanks all for the positive comments.
jimww- The proportions and his overall look is thanks to Sago’s concept art - (the guy on the end)
He’s not exactly the same, but thats the character I was going for. I agree about the toes and fingers now that I look at them, probably not such a big deal with a cartoon, but I get what you mean. Incidentally, sculpt wasn’t used in any way either.

  	 		 	 	 	 		 		 		obelnob - I don't intend to make a rig, but if someone else wants to they are more than welcome. The other thing I should mention is that this model should probably keep a low key and only in personal projects if people wish to use it, seeing as it was Sago's original  design, not mine. Thats the main reason I wont rig him, I'd rather take the time to rig a character of my own design.

hey, the file is messed up. but lookin at the pics, id have to say really nice job! love it!

.blend file, or the .zip archive its in? is a link to just the .blend (1mb)

the zip archive was messed up, but i’ll try it again

is there a username/password for the file? i couldn;t download it


polarix has apparently been hacked.

Apparently it has…:no:
That does not make me happy.

To speak with the words of the fuckin’ “hacker”: fuckin’ shit…

Is there another place to download this fuckin’ great model from? :slight_smile:

polorix doesn’t seem hacked, just offline due to abuse and the skyrocketing costs as a consequence of that. Can’t really blame the guy.
Find some other place to upload. I did this for my rig, speaking of which, I’m kinda happy he’s not rigged yet. I don’t know if my little fella could compete with this one.
About the uploader, why not at your website? or try another filehost.
I’ve made a googlepage and someone else was willing to host the file as well. This character looks cool enough, should be easy enough to find volunteers right?