Another X Exporting Thread

Hi. I’m a new user here as well as new to blender, and modeling in general for that matter. I have spent the last couple days learning the basics or modeling, texturing, uv maping ( with a few headaches in each ) and am now moving unto animation. My issue is that I am exporting a basic animation of a model waving using X exporter ( have several different x exporters ). I’m using blitz3d to load/display my x model. Blitz3d will support .x, .3ds, and .b3d. however the .x file is the only one that seems to load/display properly. However I get no animation, once loaded my model just stands there in the first frame. I have watched/read countless tutorials and read countless forum threads with no success. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and just lemme know if you need any further information.

Thanks in advance

I’ve never used this exporter but the documentation has tips on exporting animation.

Thank you for the quick reply. Having read through the documentation, it says that most errors during loading are cause by all the vertices not being part of one group, and that it can be fixed through MView ( The X viewer ). However when I try to load my x file in mview, it simply crashes, is there a way I can do that in Blender? Also, when I load the X file in blitz, it loads and displays fine, just no animation.

Blitz3D is firmly DirectX7 only (dating from 2001) and is not compatible with Blender’s DirectX exporters which are all v8.

Use the .b3D exporter, it’s much better and works brilliantly with animation.

Thank you for the informative reply. I switched over to exporting with the b3d plugin and the model looks fine. However it doesn’t seem to export the animations. Since I’m not very familiar with Blender, I’m sure it’s something being done wrong on my part. I created a basic armature ( couple of bones ), parented the mesh to them. and created a short animation scaling a part of the model larger. In blender the animation runs great. However, loading into the program i want to use it in, or even just a b3d viewer, there is no animation with model. Any ideas/suggestions on where I may have gone wrong?

Not too sure what “scaling a part of the model larger” has got to do with armature animation. The .b3d format is a skeletal animation format. You move the aramture and the the mesh deforms along with it.

What you describe is at best vertex animation and I’m not sure if the .b3d format supports that (for use in Blitz3d the format for that type of animation is .md2).

Best bet is to post a .blend showing what you’ve done.