answer me these modelling questions three.....please

I am trying to make a new weapon for a game, so for its functionality and accessability, i’m using Blender 2.5.7.

these are the three things I would like to know how to do.

  1. How do I…thicken a object? By that I mean is there a way to extrude a objects faces and have them all at the same level…like turning a empty toilet roll into a thick pipe, know what I mean?

  2. Easy way to make a fairly thick cable, and how to connect two faces with it.

  3. how to weld one object to the front of another, and this one is related as well, how to add object and center it on a vertex?

  1. Add modifier - Soidify or in Edit Mode Ctrl F Solidify on selected faces. For some situations - like a tube simply E for extrude and S for scale followed by XY or Z for the axis. (Shift XYZ to constrain to two.)
  1. Do a search for Curve modifier

  2. Shift S menu - look that over and you should be able to figure out a way.

Check out the 2.49 manual for details on the modeling tools. (then do some 2.5 tutorials to convert this information to 2.5)

Do a search for tutorials in 2.5 on a search engine. Many around and worth the time.