[answered] Is there still no way to render to UV coords?

I’ve been making game characters for some time now and because I’m a terrible texture artist they’re mostly gray. I can, however, use procedurals and modelling fairly well to get the look I want. What I need is to be able to model something and render it to a UV map without the tedious task of rendering from different angles and warping that to fit my UV maps.

If this hasn’t been programmed yet I’m willing to attempt it, however long it takes, because I really want this feature.

Search for “Uv unwrapper”.

Do you mean render procedurals out to a .jpg for instance so they can be applied as a UV-image texture?

Goto UV screen, and there is the “Texture Baker” under the UV’s tab.

You have procedurals, you define a UV map and it will create the image for you.


Just remember you will have to render spec/bump/color all differently and remember to watch your lighting when rendering this out!

But this can be used very easily to go from procedural to UV image for use in other programs!!!

Nice, I can’t believe I missed the texture baker coming in.