Antarctic Ice

Here is my WIP for a realistic image of the antarctic ice!

I’m hoping to be able to achieve the look I want for this :smiley:


Just added a few Icebergs!

There seems to be more sharp edges in the real icebergs. Since they are built in layers over thousands of years, those layers can be seen when they break off the ice shelf and turn into icebergs. That sense of build up is not in your model. Unfortunately I have no solution to offer as to how to create them.

Thanks for the critique! I’ll definitely try to figure out how to do that :smiley:

This is looking nice! Are you modeling it all, or sculpting it? If you’re modeling it, you could use median crease to have some control over making different sharp edges. And if you’re sculpting it you could use something like the polish tool to flatten down some areas. I think the key to making it look really realistic will be capturing the flow of the ice. Like in your reference, there are these great flowing major and minor lines in the ice that I guess are the result of waves washing over it over time.

I am actually sculpting the icebergs :smiley: I just tried what you said about the polish brush and it turned out pretty well. I’m also using the pinch brush to add a bit of a crease to the edges! Thanks for the help :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.

Just added a bit more detail to the Icebergs and wanted to see what the scene would look like with a texture on the water.

I’ve still got a lot to do with this image, but I’m getting there :smiley:

Please critique! I need all the criticism I can get to make this image the best of my ability :slight_smile:

Made some textures for the icebergs. I decided to use normals for the water instead of using the ocean modifier.
I’ve got 2 choices for the normals on the icebergs.
#1 (hard clouds)

#2 (soft clouds)

Please give your input :slight_smile:

I think the soft clouds looks a lot better, but the small iceberg closest to the camera looks a little rough

Cool :smiley: I’ll fix that in a jiffy :slight_smile: Thanks for your critique!

Fixed a few objects in this scene :smiley: What do you think?? Does this scene need animals (Orca and Seal)?

Or do you like this one better??? With or Without the animals!


I like without animals…
Do you use a speculare texture for the ice?!? This can get more realism

How would you go around doing that? I have no idea how to do it :confused:

Try searching on google…
for example

I tried it, but, the way that I’ve already been doing looks better! Thanks anyway :smiley:

I went to the Compositor Nodes and came up with this :slight_smile:



Here is the node setup!

This is getting there :slight_smile: Looking good, keep it up, I am sure you’ll make it happen :wink:

Happy Blending

Thanks Jeannot :smiley: These are the kind of comments that keep me going! I love your work :slight_smile:

If anyone can help me make this image better please tell me what to add/improve :slight_smile: