Antec or Corsair?

I’m thinking of buying psu cant decide which one to choose Antec atom 450V vs Corsair 450V

Can’t go wrong with Corsair.

Though 450 watts is a bit on the low side. I’d go at least 600w.

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Between the 2 (and without further research), I’d go with the Corsair for the 80+ certification. Not only does the rating mean power efficiency, but power efficiency usually means better components.

And I’d recommend Renzatic’s sentiment depending on what your power demands are. Ideally, you want a fairly wide berth between power requirements and the peak load of your PSU.


corsair, antec, evga, etc, doesnt matter so much. those guys just usually buy a design from an OEM and slap their sticker on it.

seasonic and super flower were the best oems to buy several years ago. not sure if that changed.

but ill never buy a psu that isnt platinum or titanium rated. 850 is also my min wattage.

most psus have the best efficiency at around 50% load irc. so take the calculated wattage and double. hence 850 being a safe standby.

after having a cheapo psu catch fire, i dont mess around no more.