Antelope Canyon

Thank you! This actually is one of the best compliments a 3D artist can get! Let me first explain the noise: I always denoise my final renders (using Blender’s denoiser mainly) but that’s not how you get photorealism and to get closer to a look a photo would have (I have a DSLR so I’m pretty familiar with all the imperfections real photos tend to have) I use Lightroom to add grain to it. As you’ve said it’s a different kind of noise and that’s why I don’t just leave it with what Cycles produce.

Here’s a wireframe render ( I think I used more subdivisions for the final image but I guess it would be hard to see the geometry if I wanted to use it here as well):

And here’s a screenshot from the viewport. The geometry is different because I used the displacement node in the shader editor instead of the displacement modifier (it was easier for me to adjust the texture scale etc) and it’s only visible when the image is rendering:

If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

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Thanks mate! And a great idea! Maybe I’ll render it in high-res and hang it above the bed one day :smiley:

@Scoped, dude, I am totally convinced now! Thanks for the wireframe and the Blender viewport to see some more of the scene! Amazing! And in fact, also inspiring that you did this with substance! GREAT job!!! I take my previous posts back and congratulate you on this amazing render result! :)))))))))))

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I rendered another image (for my Artstation profile background) and I think it’s nice enough to share it here as well. I hope you like it!


Hello, this is amazing !! :ok_hand:t4::partying_face:
I would like to know if it’s possible to buy it ?
I’m a beginner on Blender and really want to see/understand

Thank you

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Thank you so much, please DM me and we can talk about that :wink: