Antelope Canyon

So following the instruction of the video from CGCookie I found my end result was lacking quite a bit. I’ve actually been to Antelope Canyon and I think that this was a challenging topic for a tutorial in the first place, so I kept working on it and well after 10 hours I finally started to see some more Inspiring results. I think that the tutorial introduces a lot of interesting tools and techniques, but I vastly prefer my result here. Some things I did differently were things like I found a picture of one of the walls in the canyon and used it as a reference to model directly off of it. I spent a lot more time on the materials making them more accurate and rock like. And a dozen other very fine details to finally end up with this result. I’m very pleased with it and I do thank CGCookie’s Kent Trammell for a lot of great tips and the inspiration to make this.

Polygons: 8565
Verts: 9102
Samples: Branched - 100
Resolution: 1920x1080
Software: Blender 2.8

Resources and References used