Anthropmorphism animation - Time to Tango

Hi Everybody,
I thought I’d attach a little pic of my work in progress(“Time to Tango”) to be comped into a motion tracked background plate with a HDRI environment map eventually. I have always been looking for a quick feedback and response, specifically low effort way, to get maximum squishy deformations with very few deformation points on regular objects. I wanna get human poses and characteristics(anthropmorphism) and the laplacian modifier, although good doesn’t quite scratch my itch. i’m thinking “flubber-like” poses.

Attached is the result I got so far. I’m quite picky about edgeloops, mesh spacing and topology flow so often I model in wings3D cos I model super fast in there and I get everything EXACTLY how I want. Then I export .OBJ files into Blender and continue. This solution uses a lattice deformed by hooks parented to bones. More details and hopefully animation to follow soon.