Anti-Seam: Automatic Seamless Textures [Free Download]

Hi everyone,

I just released v1.0 of Anti-Seam, a free one click addon that removes seams from the edges of any image with a single click. No more photoshop clone brush required :smile:

Here are some Features:

  • Fully Deterministic (No procedural textures).
  • One click deployment
  • Instantly ready to bake.
  • Works with any UV size.
  • Triple layered Blend masks.
  • Simple Setup and Control.
  • Debug mode
  • Super Texture and Anti-Tile Support (via Texture-Tools)

Here is a Video overview of how to use the addon:

And finally the download links so you can actually get started!

  1. BlenderMarket ($1):
  2. Gumroad (Free):



Great addon, thanks for sharing.

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I was actually going to reach out to you and ask if you had considered this feature for Anti-Tile! Very cool of you to offer it for free!

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excellent, thank you .

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I am wondering if I am missing something simple when it comes to making Anti-Seam work with Anti-Title. No matter what order I try I can’t seem to get them both going at once. Am I a dunce?

Really cool!

How does your SuperTexture add-on work compared to something like, CrazyBump?

Keep in mind that only v2.80+ of Blender is supported.

Step 1: Remove old version of Anti-tile, replace with version 1.52
Step 2: Navigate to base material, select image and apply Anti-Seam
Step 3: Select the Anti-Seam node group and then click Anti-Tile

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Might be a more relevant question for the Super Texture thread: Super Texture: Node based PBR texture generation

Biggest Advantage: Realtime adjustments without import / export.
Biggest Disadvantage: Material node limitations (blurring etc.) which means you need a relatively high sample count to remove noise if you are using a lot of blurring.

Again more info in the thread mentioned above.

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Ty, my apologies for not searching. I should’ve assumed if there was a thread for this, there would be a thread for that too!

Thank you! I AM a dunce.

Hi @Thatimster I am loving the Texture Tools Suite and Anti-Seam in particular. I am wondering if you could build in the ability to use Box/Sphere/Cylinder mapping in Anti-Seam or is it impossible and I am not comprehending the implications? Thanks!

Do you have an example where Box/Sphere/Cylinder mapping is required?
Currently the addon does not take into account the image projection, but this could be adjusted in a new version (if there is a compelling use-case for it).

Sure! The use case I am interested in currently is in the workflow legendary concept artist Jama Jurbaev describes in Blender Today here. He mentions box mapping specifically as a technique he uses to work in a fast and flexible way. I tend to think it could be used for pretty elaborate shading setups too! Not totally necessary but it would be nice to have for sure!

Perhaps I might release it as a complimentary feature bundled with a more prominent update.
My best guess at a work around would be to open the newly created node group and modify the mapping on each image node. However if XYZ mapping is required instead of just XY this could be a bit more complicated to setup.

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