Antique furniture - 30 min.



sweat textures!

A clear win.


My eyes fell off when I saw your render, it kicks ass. (Linny) The only bad thing IMO is the walls.

yeah…nobody puts his wallpapers in two different directions ^^


yep, was already rendering when i noticed this. too late… :slight_smile:

well… i know a guy… and he’s in an asylum right now… who’d do something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

No seriously, that’s the only major flaw in Linny’s render.

@Linny: could you correct the wall mistake and post your picture again for us? I’d like to see that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:
@ Charlesworth999, i invested another 20 min. to correct some errors and to add some details to the scene and to rearrange the lights.

here is the result:

its good but the ground looks more enlighted near the walls than in the centre. nice textures though. how big are they?


Claps hands :stuck_out_tongue:

The vase texture is pretty weird, but as always, vases are. Now the room looks much more better.

@jacco as you may notice, the lighter area near the walls come from the spotlights along the ceiling and they also shine onto the wall (lightcones).

@Maggot yeah the vase texture ist quite weird. actually it’s a wallpaper texture but it thought it “harmonizes” with the antique look and feel of the furniture and the wall :slight_smile:

@ all. thank you for your kind comments and critiques…

Greets Linny