Antique Rotary Telephone

Greetings, fellow Earthlings :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my antique rotary Telephone that I have been working on. I have spent about one to two Hours each Day for the past Week working on this Project. I know it is not the largest of Projects, but fairly big for Me :P. I have just been playing around with Blender for too long and have decided to get serious. I thought I would start with something simple, but I have learnt a lot about cycles, materials, modelling, and composting. I really would like some quality feedback and Critiques as to how I could improve this Image. The things I am sort of questioning are: the texturing on the Base block, is it too stretched? Is the Lighting okay? I wanted to go for a soft yellow Glow, maybe something just before a Sun set. I am also not too sure about the composting; is the Vignette too much or is it good to help centre on the telephone? Is my colour grading over the top? My goal was to get as photo-realistic as I could. Do you believe I have achieved this or am I close? I had a reference Image which I will link too :slight_smile: If anyone wants to know anything more, please ask :slight_smile:

Thank you oh so much in advance to everyone who gives me feedback :slight_smile:

A few things: bevel on the box - it looks too sharp right now.
The flat part there at the bottom, looks like a flat sheet of bent metal - needs thickness or an edge, because it disappears right now.
The faceting on the dial - maybe add an edge split modifier at 20 degrees or 15, and then set that to smooth shading so you don’t see the flat faces.
The finger stop - seems painted on, amybe give it some room and thickness to make it believable to be a separate piece.

Other than that, everything loks good - you might try texturing some finger prints or smudges , but I like it so far :smiley: Good work!

Hi Craig, thanks for all of your Critiques; they really helped. I did have a bevel modifier on the box, I had just turned it off by mistake :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering how to change the faceting on the dial but could not get rid of flat faces. Here’s my update :slight_smile:

Looking good, the sharp edges being rounded now helps