Antonis Karvelas Sketchbook

Latest model:

After being away from 3D for more than a year due to exams, I’m finally back and giving form to a game idea I have, starting with the assets. I’m gonna need a lot of statues, characters, animals, rock formations, beasts etc. so I’m looking for ways to improve my workflow and perhaps you’ll find some of my ideas useful and vice versa. Starting with a statue of an angel(and I need at least 30 such statues):

My method so far: make a basemesh in Makehuman (cheating, I know… :P), move to Blender, make basemeshes for the dress, hair and wings, sculpt everything using dynamic topology, retopologise, bake normal map, fix some normal map problems that may arise, and there it is. Some more details for the wings, I sculpted only one feather and then sort of “glued” it all over the wing frame using a lattice modifier for each feather. I hope this proves useful, feel free to comment any criticism or perhaps new ideas for creation process.

Well done Antonis. I like the marble texture, is it available somewhere?

Texturing is not my strongest point, so I usually use textures from here without too many changes. UV unwrapping was kind of hard, and if you check the images on turbosquid or cgtrader you’ll see that the back has problems. I’m more of a modeler, as it’s quite apparent…

Working on the second angel, here is the body sculpt:

Working on the wings of the second angel:

Here’s the whole angel, time for some retopology…

Here’s the low-poly retopologised version of the second angel:

High-poly version of the third angel:

Although I plan to do many more, I will probably take a break and create some other assets.

Currently also doing a bit of rock sculpting, making rocks, rocky formations etc is always useful as far as game assets go…

I feel stupid that I only recently discovered Sketchfab…