Anubis Revenge [60% <<<< : Heating the scene : >>>]


Just decided to make an electronic Anubis

2 reference images



here goes the initial 3D sketch
it’s in 2082 , that ring is another world portal , people starts to fight anubius who has went out of his tomb , anubis on the right hand side of the screen , and soldiers on the others side …


the columns

the columns in the sketch will be scaled according to the surrondings later

wish me good luck .

Last Update :



nice Anubis

i did one last spring but not that much details
have a look

how did you do the details on the chair and the cylinder under Anubis

did you use displacement mapping ?

and hwop did you put the color back on ?

keep up the good work

Egypt is a fun subject and challenging too

but i find your columns a liitle low res could be better with more hieroglyph on them!

happy blendering

this is only a reference pic from the net , a real image to use it as reference ,:o LOL …
good job with your old anubis , for me i just made the columns so far .


Sooo, which reference are you going to base your head dress off of? Basically, this is Anubis in sci-fi format, then what is your plan for the soldiers?

what are the goals here?

i mean are you going for realism ?

or sci fi look ?


Sci-Fi …

done with the soldiers :smiley: , i once posted his head with my friend ahamd’s ID on this forums , Anyways , they will not hold guns , they are magicans , look at there hair !!!

the Anubis will be entirly electronic …

thanks mates .


Anubis basemesh

it will not be used as it is , it is only a guide for me to build the electronic plates on him :smiley:


Fighting Anubis …


new updates …

i know that it’s a mess , working on it …

nice work so far! I think the lighting is ok, but your materials could use some work, everything looks very like plastic.

You mean the shading ?

new update

new updates …

This is one of the finest examples of anubis I have viewed in a month of Sundays and then some! 3DGuru you surely are an outstanding 3d artist and no doubt this will do you well in your career. Look forward to further updates.

My main crits are:
Firstly, I have no idea what’s going on. I don’t know where these characters are, why they are floating in space, or why Anubis is being attacked by what appear to be three acrobats. You need to establish some sort of context.

Secondly, I think you need some better textures and materials so that everything doesn’t have that shiny “CGI Plastic” look. I notice this especially on the columns.

There are some issues with composition but I think it’s too early to address those.

i didn’t material anything but the Anubis yet , thanks guys :slight_smile: .