Any addon like Automodeler?

Hey guys, is there any addon for Blender similar with Automodeler for Max?

I don’t want to advertise this, so please do not consider it advertising, I will give the link to that addon maybe some one know anything similar for Blender or maybe some one will write one (well, I can dream at that).

PS. I am not sure if I am posting in correct thread, please mods move this if necessary and accept my apologies.

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I’m not sure if this help, but you can check this addons:

I don’t think there is anything quite like the automodeller, at least I haven’t see it.
Asset Sketcher seems to do something similar but I haven’t personally used either tool, so I cannot make a comparison.

I still can’t find anything to do that… any other advice’s?

OMFG… That is the most insane thing i have ever seen!

Hey Doro. Quite possibly there isn’t anything like that for blender right now.
The options seem to be:

  1. wait and hope that someone builds an addon like that
  2. make your own automodeller if you can code
  3. pay someone to build the addon for you
  4. use max and automodeller.
  5. model what you want to model with the native blender tools and possibly some existing addons

I would go for 5. or 4., possibly 3.
I hope I don’t sound like a wise-ass, those just seem to be the obvious choices. My main point is that “I need this feature or else I can’t do my project” is flawed thinking. You can, it will just take you more time and will be more challenging.

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Hi ToshiCG, I absolutely agree with your points, except point 4 ( I can’t afford max), so far I am doing everything “by hand”, but I have to admit something like this could help me a lot.

I see. Just wanted to make the point because a lot of people seem to depend too much no add-ons and plugins.
Yeah, max is expensive and that plugin alone costs 300 euro. Software that saves you a lot of time tends to cost a bit (blender is an exception lol)
Let us know what you’re working on, Doro!

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