Any advice on rendering times and GPU issues?

I have a scene, (for which I’ll provide a Google Drive link) that I need someone’s assistance on. It contains JS placement maps being moved by an F-Curve modifier, modified from a sound curve.

I also have a bunch of animations that still need work, so don’t concentrate on those for the moment as they will change. Can I have some advice as to what level can I reduce the subsurf modifiers etc, while maintaining optimum quality for cycles, for my GeForce 1070ti, i9 CPU, against my curent settings? Currently my frames are rendering out in five minutes, and using up Vram to the tune of 7GB per frame. It’s a real slog trying to finish up this scene as it’s taking well over 48 hrs to render the entire scene.

If I move it to another machine in the studio, which I’ll need to do to cut down render times, it’s going to struggle to do even the most simple frames (0-330 approx)

Here is the file: