Any artist wants to join on a fantasy rpg,game project?

Hi everyone,
I’m building a new project , in UE5, and has mythology and history in it.

I need a 2D artist and also a 3D artist to join me in this journey.

If you want to see more about this project i’ll leave you the socials for it,for more details you need to sign a NDA first and then i’ll do a “work-for-hire” contract because the project will get through a funding round and then i will hire you permanent.

If you are interested add me on discord : gacrivastudio#9767

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I am a beginner 3D Artist with beginner to intermediate level of expertise in blender ,sculptGL and GIMP GNU Image manipulation program . I was interested in your advert and am quite desperate to find work similar to yours . If you are interested in contacting me regarding the work i would like to know the nature of the 3d Project like is it low poly , whats the approximate triangle count because low poly is a bit of a broad term for some projects .I think you already put the advert under


So may be if its Low or Mid Poly or high poly

Are you going to use Normal Maps , General style etc .
AO Maps
Only Diffuse Maps.
Tell me a bit of the story , setting , origin of the mythology and history in it.
Do you do the export process to UE5 or any other engine Yourself ?

We Can have a meeting on Zoom or something .

Again I am a beginner - intermediate 3D artist but Can Help you with right from finding :

  • Concept work - turnaround , perspective .
  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • UV Mapping - Normal AO Diffuse
  • Basic Rigging
  • Creating height maps on Gimp .

Still learning more Skills and also adding new skills need to update my art station :
here is the link : :smiley:

add me on Discord : fienne#8942 :smiley:

discord server invite :

Also I would also like a (letter of experience) or (LOR) if possible once i finish along with a “work-for-hire” contract . I am a little desperate needed to find work right now .

Hoping the hear from you or get in touch on discord .

Is this project on UE5 still on going?