Any Blender tools like Acropora (Voxel sculpting)?

Can Blender do anything like Acropora?

Where would I start? Any suggestions?


i think 3dcoat is much better

3D Coat is amazing. I’m playing around with it now. Still, Acropora does some things that I cannot seem to do with 3D Coat, or Blender. Voxelogic callis non-deterministic modeling. You enter some parameters, and Acropora creates some really cool, organic things. Great for caves and alien landscapes.

Houdini is way better in parametring modeling…

The software by Voxelogic as of now seems to be pretty specific for quickly generating perturbed surfaces on top of meshes, a quick look through does not seem to suggest it can do too many other things.

So as of now it seems like 3D Coat would be a much better option, as that app’s development tends to dive into some of the more experimental technologies.

Blender can do some stuff like these with metaballs, provided that there are some cool algorithms for distributing them in interesting patterns. Perhaps it’s not as sophisticated as other tools but it’s already available and it works. For more precise and specific workflow then other tools might come handy, it depends on the preferable way to work.

thanks const. Do you have additional information on how to distribute metaballs via an algorithm? I assume that I would then use boolean modifier to make the caves? Sounds like an interesting technique. How would I go about learing more?

U make the cave with boolean bacis shape… then u add modyficator triangulate. then u add modyficator displace… then u add subdiv. then displace etc. etc

OK, thanks for the suggestions. I was able to make some nice organic cave shapes by distributing metaballs over a displaced terrain using particles. I then played around with the scaling of the metaballs using the particle settings until the balls started merging into one another. I then made converted the particle balls to real. I then selected all the balls and converted them to a mesh. Then remeshed. Finally an easy way to make some really complex organic caves!