Any bored texture programmers out there? :p

(rivenwanderer) #1

See… what we need is someone to rework the “sinus” texture plugin so that it can antialias and have smooth greyscale type stuff like “dots” and the new “pattern” one. I’ve been playing around with sinus as a texture and it seems quite powerful, but ugly when you render it… you can make shapes that would be ideal for water, for example 8)

(SirDude) #2

I’ll see what I can do since I wrote sinus and pattern :wink:


(Timothy) #3

my my,… you should have done a better job than sirdude :8

Just kidding :slight_smile:

(djfuego) #4

:frowning: …I’d like to use the texture plugins with Win blender pub 2.25.

(Yamyam) #5

You can set texture plug-ins and save file in other version of blender, then load it in Publisher 2.25.