Any critiques for a blender beginer are welcome

So this is my result with some postproccesing, nothing special just playing with the blender cycles passes, any tips and issues are welcome (say what you see i can take it, im not happy at all with it)
I initialy started to do a render in the blue hour with an HDRi but things didnt end up as intended.


remove people. Adding people to renders is always bad idea because human eyes are extremely sensitive to human body and anatomy so brain will recognize dissociation very fast. To tweak up realism it is better to use greenery, plants, trees etc because they are very random so imperfections are not that obvious to brain.

reflections in windows are wrong, glass looks like mirror. Put curtains inside, they will reflect light and make windows look more real. Grass is too straight, use free grass addon.

If you can share blend file i can tall you about other things. You can also contact me on private message
here is my old project, look at light and grass:

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you also need to improve your vegetation texture old of it is uniform the grass looks more fake if it has no randomization in color hue.

to Pastean

  1. you have a very dull image, the skies just sit there like its nothing
  2. the contrast of your foreground doesn’t blend with the sky.
  3. you’re grass is dangerous its looks really sharp try to add some variation spread some small flowers to add randomness, add stone as your secondary object, add primary large plants or foliage near fence
  4. if you want to add a realism to your overall composition try to think of imperfection, look at your structure texture its really clean, do you think even if new build house has this almost bacteria less structure? add some small rust, dust, water leak, fallen leaves,
  5. the alpha tree on your back ground is really high in contrast try to adjust the contrast you can edit it in photoshop and add some little offset on exposure,
  6. brighten up more your sky.
  7. add some subtle chromatic aberration,
  8. blur a little of those tree.
  9. notice your human, look at those cut line from there alpha it has white etc, remove them and render some nice close shot.
  10. overall your structure seems good (though i’m not a fan of block house modern.)

Sorry for the delay i only have time in the evening for this hobbie, thank you for every advice @royor and @zcaalock
Bellow is a link to my file, allthow i have missplaced the pavement textures it should be complete otherwise.
Since its my second blender project i am not very good at modeling so far (still learning fast), and thus this scene was made from a 3ds import from a client. I know imports are a mess of a mesh regadless of the CAD software its made with and maybe i should have modeled everything from scratch, at least i could have applyed some better bevel modifiers and some mesh imperfections with sculpt tools.
I`m going to start working on some suggested changes, have a look at the blend file if anyone is interested in my progress, the link is bellow.
Again thx a bunch!!!

I agree with the people being distracting, but a human form is a really good unit of scale. I use 3d photoscanned people with a transparent blackout shader in my renders:

Having them ghosted out makes them still distinct, but not distracting.

I would prefer not to include any human on my scene this thing really distract me, (maybe for me only) because i’ve seen other stuff with human, this is base on own preference.

if you have small piece like this I think you should excluse using this because it flooded the scene and as a client I can’t see a thing here. (if you have a very big scene maybe you can add)

or you can use that silhouette to level scale your scene and remove after (because I use those as my height reference when making game asset / or scene .)

i forgot to mention, work with your camera it seems that your scene is really close to your camera try to have a nice composition learn the rule of thirds or anything related for the camera.

For sense of scale house itself is enough, you don’t need people.

I looked at your file.
-Do Not use pro light sky, it’s like the worst addon ever (don’t know who came up with idea of half sky black). Use regular free hdri maps from
-use regular glass material. In principled BSDF set transparent to 1, color to all white and roughness to 0. You don’t need fake glass for exterior scenes
-for fasade use voronoi texture and bump map, not displacement.
-for quick fix of the imported mesh select all object, enter edit mode, set vertex select, select all, hit x -> remove doubles, then x again - > limited dissolve. (multi edit works only in blender 2.8)
Limited dissolve can destroy details so be aware.

  • for grass use this addon: Grass Free
  • for backdrop trees use emission with strength 1 instead of bsdf shader